Pecan Pies & Pecan Coffees

A Texas Tradition! Pecan Pie with Pecan Coffee

The Pecan Pie is the official state pie of Texas. It is a dessert that you will find on almost every table during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  Pecans are also known as the state nut of Texas.

Customers can’t get enough of the rich and unique flavor of our pecan coffee! We blend in the perfect amount of nut pieces to enhance the natural smoothness of our roasted beans. Brewing up a cup of this nutty and toasty elixir fills the room with an aroma like no other. Breathe it deep – it’s good for the soul and the body, thanks to all the health benefits of pecans. For a one-of-a-kind way to start your day, visit Bagley Pecan Gifts & More LLC. We serve the finest pecan coffee in all of Lubbock, Midland, Odessa, and the surrounding Texas areas!

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